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Rental Benefits - 12 Great Reasons To Rent Art


Transform your workplace
Enhance and transform your corporate image. Create a stunning working environment and advertise your success to your clients with your new art collection.

Save valuable time and capital
With no major capital outlay you can rent your art for a fraction of the cost of ownership. We also save you the footwork and expense of having to select and locate a suitable art collection for your office decor. With a portfolio of hundreds of artworks you are guaranteed to find the perfect collection for your organization.

Great value
With our great buying power and large art collection we offer the best rental rates in the USA guaranteed.

Flexible rental terms
With the option of short or long term art rental terms you can decide what is best for you.

Free onsite consultation
We offer a free on site consultation service giving you expert advice on your interior fit out.

Large selection of artworks
We offer the largest portfolio of rented artworks in the USA guaranteeing you will find the perfect art for your decor.

Fully framed and stunningly presented
All artworks are stunningly framed in our award winning framing.

Free delivery and installation
We offer our own professional prompt delivery and installation service. We can even install out of office hours.

Art rotation
Enjoy the ability to rotate your art at regular intervals and refresh your walls.

Quick turnaround & installation
Our interior consultants will guarantee a prompt and professional delivery and installation at no cost to you.

Only you will know that your new art collection is rented.
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