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Uk Art Rental - corporate artworks for your office
hire artWho are you and what do you do?
Art is the worlds leading art rental specialist. We specialise in providing art rental services for residential and corporate clients allowing you to attain a stunning collection of art on a rental basis without the need to purchase or maintain a permanent collection.

hire artWhere is your company based?
Our company is based in London and New York. We service businesses throughout the USA and through our network of art rental specialists Globally.

hire artWhat can be rented?
You can choose from a wide range of artworks to suit all tastes and preferences. We offer a large portfolio in excess of 3,000 artworks each of which are framed to the highest possible standards. Each collection is detailed in our art catalogs and can be downloaded from the catalogue section of this website. Our staff will work closely with you in choosing a suitable collection to suit your decor and your company needs.

hire artWhat happens during a consultation?
During a consultation a portfolio of artworks can be made available to you. We will evaluate your needs, answer all questions and suggest a suitable collection. Consultations only take about 15 - 30mins of your time.

hire artDo you charge for consultations?
We provide this service free of charge for you.

hire artWhat rental terms are available?
We have a short term rental program suitable for prestige properties or show houses and a long term rental program for the corporate body.

hire artWhat costs are involved?
We offer very competitive corporate rates. Costs vary according to the amount of art chosen and the time period but typically individual artworks can start from as little as 50c a day.

hire artWhat about insurance?
We offer a fully insured rental package. This greatly reduces the risk in the housing and care of the collection.

hire artCan I change any of the artworks chosen?
Yes. You can change any artworks you feel are not working for your decor at any time during your rental term.

  hire artWhat about delivery and installation?
We deliver and install all the artworks for you. Our art consultants will install the artworks as choice changes may need to be made.
We can also install artworks outside of business hours if preferred.

hire artCan I purchase any of the artworks?
Yes. Artworks may be purchased any time during the rental period.

hire artI have a residential property I am marketing can you supply art for a short rental period?
Yes. Our short term rental program is specifically designed for clients who have show houses or prestige properties that are being marketed.

hire artDo you have a showroom?
No. Our business cater to the need that all our clients request an onsite consultation due to busy work schedules. Also due to the vast number of artworks we offer it would be almost impossible to display them all.

hire artCan I request a copy of your terms and conditions?
Yes. A consultant will advise you during your onsite consultation of our terms and conditions.

hire artAre there any hidden charges?
No. We operate a very honest professional service.

hire artWhat geographical areas do you service?
We service businesses throughout the USA and the United Kingdom.

hire artWhat customer guarantee do you offer?
We are very customer orientated and guarantee your rental term will not commence until you are 100% satisfied with your choice of art and level of service. Also you may change any artworks you feel are not working for your decor at any time during your rental term.

hire artHow do I arrange a consultation?
Click the link below to request a callback or an on-site consultation.

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Uk Art Rental - corporate artworks for your office
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